Message from the Chancellor

11 February 2022 Author :  

Welcome to the International Coalition of Fellowship (ICOF). ICOF is a 21st Century movement of Christian institution of learning which is a Non-Profit Organization. The institution whose vision is to reach out through education around the world is incorporated as ICOF Colleges Seminary and Universities.

Originally, ICOF was established in 1932 in Washington DC, United States of America and currently operating in Europe, India and Africa providing career development at Constituency level THROUGH partnership with local Churches and African Governments. I would like to wish you a warm welcome to ICOF Colleges Seminary and Universities. Through our Open and Distance learning, we have been equipping Christians in developing Countries from under to postgraduate.

We offer all our courses in the comfort of student’s home or office without setting foot on campus! The tradition at ICOF is to provide our students with a quality open and Distance education through 100 percent scholarship and students only pay for examination and centre fees as commitment toward career development. Both our faculty and staff endeavor to serve our students and offer them the education they so earnestly seek. In a world of rising costs, our students enjoy the benefits of a truly open and Distance learning experience in education at only a fraction of the cost of a traditional campus setting.

Our innovative approach and flexibility of schedule along with our global presence distinguishes ICOF as a leader in distance learning with over 80 years of experience in career development around the world. Through our Distance Education Network (DEN) we employ and maintain a multitude of communication methods whereby a student may obtain quality education in the convenience of the student’s home, office or elsewhere with only 14 Days residency in a semester which is an international requirement for distance learners which also provide personal interactions among students as on campus life setting!

At ICOF, our students enjoy most or all of the traditional Universities services offered on full time study but only at a distance. Our students enjoy and profit from the one-on-one and group online discussions, as well as the open door policy which affords them the opportunity to ask questions of the faculty and instructors when the need arises. ICOF students are never alone. Unlike the traditional approach to education where students are immured in a classroom setting, our students maintain the flexibility of choice and freedom through our non-traditional approach to education. Our students, with their fragmented and busy schedules, enjoy the latest in technology and learning tools.

Our approach to independent learning, flexible scheduling, time frame, and innovative methods of communication, allows our students to learn when and where they find the time and opportunity to study. As ICOF we welcome Christians from all walks of life and we always assist to facilitate the needs of the individual. Our faculty and instructors are of the highest caliber and enjoy jobs within institutions of higher learning, state and federal agencies and corporations of all kinds.

Our faculty and instructors enable our students to obtain the knowledge necessary for tomorrow’s changes, which increases their opportunity for personal and market growth. Our faculty and instructors, most generally, have a number of years instructing and working in their chosen fields of studies. Again, I would like to welcome you to ICOF.

We look forward to serving you and providing you with a quality education and with us you can enroll anytime and anywhere just click on apply Online on  

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